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Aegis-Scot Archaeology Ltd

Aegis-Scot Archaeology Ltd is an archaeology, cultural heritage and conservation company based in Kirkwall, Orkney. We offer a range of services to ensure swift and effective response to your archaeological, heritage and conservation requirements.
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Welcome to Aegis-Scot Archaeology Ltd

Established in 2017, Aegis-Scot Archaeology is based in Kirkwall – close to one of the smallest UNESCO World Heritage Sites. We also have an office in London established in 2014.  

We mainly provide archaeological, mapping and surveying services, in addition to a heritage management consultancy service.  The company works with many different sectors and collaborates on projects with specialists nationally and internationally.

Our clientele range from private clients, public bodies, preservation trusts and volunteer-led groups.
We also undertake work that straddles areas of cultural heritage research using assistance from a wide range of sources and experts, including international organisations. In addition, we also provide pro-bono work for preservation trusts and volunteer-led projects.  

As we are a new company, we are always seeking ways to diversify and do things differently, provided it is within our expertise, as we believe it is the key to ensuring a resilient and adaptive organisation.

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Studying the past to preserve the future

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Heritage management

There are several methodological approaches to the production of conservation plans.  However, by far the most comprehensive and cohesive methodology is laid out by the Australian, James Semple Kerr in 1982. This is used in tandem with recent guidance produced by Historic Scotland, Historic England and the Heritage Lottery Fund.
A comprehensive conservation plan will help you manage your site now and into the future. Our conservation plans investigate the historical development of the study area, analyse the significance of the site and develop a practical, considered and useful set of policies.


We are currently in the process of implementing a fully insured and CAA Approved drone service that will include LiDAR, Thermal Imaging and Photogrammetry drone technology into our business.  We intend to provide a more accurate and cost-effective service to our clients and address a paucity of information currently available in this sphere. This is an area in which we hope to lead with a view to undertaking more comprehensive mapping and surveys on Mainland Orkney and the surrounding Islands, in addition to supplying other drone related services in the near future.

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