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Price List for Archaeology Services


Archaeological & Drone services

As we are a relatively new company we are always trying to improve our services and efficiency to provide a professional cost effective set of solutions for our clients. However, we do need to make sure we are a profitable company, but we don’t believe in charging our clients extortionate fees. Generally speaking we have to charge fees that would take into consideration our hourly or daily rate and a percentage to cover for insurance, PPE, tools and any other basic costs we would incur to undertake a job. Bearing in mind we have some overheads and have to cover for tax and National Insurance. So we would like to make our pricing transparent. 

In general terms our pricing is based on £18,000 per annum which is the minimum recommended rate by the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists (PCIFA ) which equates to approximately £108-£120 per day with an inbuilt uplift of %33 before we add expenses to cover for insurance, tools, travel, PPE etc.  This is our basic rate that we will charge for the provision of some of our less complex and labour intensive solutions.

However, these are for limited services. We tend to charge £200 per diem which includes all those aspects. However, the more technical and time consuming the project, the more we have to charge to cover our time, resources and expert advice in carrying out the work.

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Archaeological Solutions

Desk Based Assessments -

Costs for a desk-based assessment will vary according to the scale of the proposed development, its location (rural or urban), the scope of the research (defined in a brief produced by the relevant planning archaeologist), and the amount of travel which might be required. If the proposed development is a small-scale residential development or listed building conversion the cost of undertaking a desk-based appraisal would be in the range of £250-£500 plus VAT, whereas a desk-based assessment, heritage statement or Heritage Impact Assessment for a housing development or infrastructure project would be in the region of £1,350-£2,500 Plus VAT.

Written Scheme of Investigation - A written Scheme of Investigation can cost upwards of £45 plus VAT.

Watching/Monitoring Brief - If we were to conduct a small scale watching/monitoring brief, it would cost £220 plus VAT. An Evaluation would cost £280 plus VAT.

Excavation - For excavations we would charge £280 plus VAT per day. The cost would increase on developments between 1.0 and 3 hectares to £380 plus VAT for Evaluation and £535 plus VAT.  For all three of these we would be changing between £780 plus VAT £880 plus VAT.

A full archaeological excavation costs upwards of £5,000 for small scale archaeological excavations with most costing around £20,000, depending on the complexity of the archaeology and input required from other experts. The median expenditure is around £30,000.  This doesn’t include the cost of the completion of the report.

Drone Services

 We are a CAA accredited organisation.  All our pilots are trained to A2 C of C and GVC standard for all our commercial operations.  In addition, we are trained in thermal imaging.  

We currently have in our fleet the Parrot Anafi dual thermal imaging drone.  The drone is used in many different fields including archaeology and heritage sectors, building sectors, farming and safety and security fields


We also have other drones for specific areas of work. 


We also have the Inspire 1 Pro with the Zenmuse X5 camera which we use for TV & Media projects. We also have the DJI Air 2s drone for smaller videography projects and we are always adding drones to our fleet.  

  • LiDAR Surveys are charged at £1000 per acre 

  • Photogrammetry

  • Surveys vary and cost between £170 - 399 ex VAT and expenses.

  • Reports vary depending on the area under survey and complexity of the information required, however, they usually cost in the region of £1000 ex VAT.


No two jobs are the same so please ask for a quote

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